Thursday, November 19, 2015

Glam Up Responsive Blogger Template Free Download

Glam Up Responsive Blogger Template Free Download

Glam Up Theme Overview

Glam Up is an ultra-clean blogger theme. Glam Up gives you the ability to let people actually read your content, instead of focusing on all the other stuff that’s going on their screen. With Glam Up, you won’t be distracted. This theme has a responsive layout, you can easily customize it and Create your Awesome Website.

Main Features

  1. Fully Responsive - Check Here
  2. SEO Friendly - Check Here
  3. Google Testing Tool Validator - Check Here
  4. Mobile Friendly - Check Here
  5. Custom 404 Page - Check Here
  6. Fast Loading - Check Here
  7. Simple
  8. Fashion
  9. White BackGround
  10. Ads Ready
  11. Drop Down Menu
  12. Clean Layout
  13. Clear Design
  14. Social Sharing
  15. Browser Compatibility
  16. Designed by Soratemplates



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